What do you answer when you really don't have an answer

What do you answer when you really don't have an answer, when you don’t know why the birds are singing, or if they’re crying or where they sleep?

Here are 2 suggestions:
a) If it is something that you just can't answer, you can be honest and just say "I don’t know but we can Google it when we get home”
b) you could try to spark your toddler's imagination by saying "Hmmmthat's a good question What do you think?” 
If option b is your preference, you will most likely be engaged in an interesting conversation with your toddler
Your toddler may come up with creative answers that will amaze you
Whatever the topic is, it is a way of your little toddler trying his or her very best to be a big boy or girl having an important conversation with you
So, be patient and give your toddler all the love and attention he or she deserves

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