Thumb-sucking and Pacifiers

Babies tend to suck their thumbs or pacifiers because it makes them feel secure, relaxes them or induces sleep.

Whether or not, this habit will result in dental problems depends on the intensity of the sucking Vigorous sucking may affect baby teeth formation and later also affect the growth and alignment of permanent teeth
Most children outgrow thumb-sucking and pacifiers between the age of two and four However, if they persist, here are some ideas on how to overcome the habit:
* Praise your child when he or she is not sucking the thumb or pacifier
* Focus on the reason why your child is sucking the thumb or pacifier - he or she may be anxious about something and seeks to be comforted
* Get your dentist to explain the effects of thumb-sucking to your child
* If the above ideas don't work, consult your dentist or pediatrician
A Word on Pacifiers - Try to limit the use of pacifiers only to induce sleep because prolonged usage may contribute to malformed palate, shape of mouth and lips

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