The Pouring Game

Your toddler will find this activity soothing, calming and enjoyable.

Prepare 2 plastic cups with handles and a plastic tray or basin
Fill one cup with uncooked rice
Show your toddler how to pour the rice from one cup to the other
Encourage your toddler to try
At first, your toddler may spill the rice onto the plastic tray or basin
Assure your toddler that it's all right to spill
But continue to encourage him or her to practise until he or she can pour without spilling
Once your toddler becomes familiar with pouring the uncooked rice, you can substitute the rice with water
The ability to control the pouring movement without spilling will greatly develop your toddler's fine motor skills which are needed for writing
Furthermore, your toddler will find this game calming and enjoyable!

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