The Curiosity Walk

Take your toddler out to the park or supermarket regularly. Encourage your toddler to listen to all the sounds and notice all the things in the surrounding.

In the park, you can ask your toddler to listen the birds chirping, the rustling of the leaves, to see trees and flowers, people walking by You can also ask your toddler to feel the wind against his or her skin and ask him or her how it feels
In the supermarket, you can show your toddler all the different types of fruits and vegetables, different types of seafood Let him or her feel the texture of fruits and vegetables You can also show your toddler other children who are out with their families
Take your toddler to the zoo to see, listen and learn about the various animals You can also take your toddler to the beach to watch and listen top the waves, feel the sand on the beach and the wind blowing against his or her skin This activity encourages your toddler to explore with all his or her senses The more he or she learns

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