Television – Your Babysitter?

Watching television may develop into a habit if your toddler is allowed to watch television for long hours.

Once this is a habit, your toddler may not want to do other healthy activities
Research shows that while very young children enjoy the catchy tunes and repeated phrases used in children’s shoes and commercials, they don’t understand their meaning
Television is not really educational at this stage 
Watching television is a sedentary activity that:  
* Does no give your toddler the opportunity for physical exercise 
* Does not stimulate your toddler’s own imagination to be an active learner 
* Does not help with the learning of language skills – when the television is on, it is harder to talk, hear or listen This hinder communication as your toddler is continuously distracted by the television program and can’t pay attention to what you are saying Besides, unless there is someone with your toddler, it gets lonely watching television on his or her own 

Try to use the television in the following ways: 
* Be selective Turn on the television only for special children’s programs and limit the time your toddler can spend watching television  
* Be there Watch it with your toddler 
* Be interactive Explain to your toddler about what he or she is seeing on the television This can result in active learning and the attention you give to your toddler may be the best part of the program for him or her

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