Starting on baby food

In the beginning, your baby will naturally push baby food out of his or her mouth with the tongue. This reflex action will become less noticeable as the infant grows older.

The introduction of baby food is an important milestone in your baby's life It can be made easier, even enjoyable, by adopting the following routine:
*  Relax 
Both you & your baby should be relaxed and calm
Make sure your baby is comfortably seated and is not too hungry at the start of the meal
*  Spoon-feed, not bottle-feed 
Avoid putting food in the feeding bottle; it is best to feed from a small infant-size spoon  In time, your baby will recognize the spoon and open his or her mouth at the sight of a heaped spoon
*  Make it a family affair 
Let your baby sit and eat with the rest of the family
*  Be patient
If your baby rejects the food, try again another time
Practice makes perfect
*  Never leave baby alone
Remain with your baby during the meal so you can be alert to choking incidents  Moreover, your presence is comforting for your baby
*  Be prepared to clean up
All babies tend to make a mess as they learn to eat
There is little else you can do but clean after the meal
Try introducing new foods carefully, staying with each for 7 days
Any allergic reaction to the food from your baby can be observed within this period

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