Sibling Rivalry

This is common among children who are less than three years apart.

The older child is usually content with the new baby However, when the younger child becomes a toddler and begins to get more attention or starts taking away the older one’s toys, this may cause anger or jealousy leading to frequent fights with the younger sibling
Here are some ways to keep the peace between the siblings:
* Spend some special time individually with each child
Your undivided attention will help reassure your children that they are both special even if that love is shown in different ways for each child
* Show that you understand the feeling of each child
For example say,’ I know how angry you are when your brother or sister breaks your toy but he or she didn’t mean to do that and I’m sure he or she is sorry’ Then teach the younger child to apologize, ‘Your brother or sister is really upset that you broke his or her favorite toy Say sorry and give him or her hug’
* Be sensitive to your older child’s ego
When you praise your younger child, try not to do this in the presence of the older child or remember to give some praise to him or her too Advise family and friends to do the same
* Be understanding about your older child’s abilities
It’s not possible for him or her to be more patient, responsible or unselfish than he or she can at his or her age
* Sharing
Let your older child choose the toys that he or she wants to share with your younger child Praise him or her for sharing Also reassure your older child that it is all right to keep a few favorite toys just for himself or herself

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