Sharing and Giving

Ask your toddler to lend you one of is or her toys.

Take the item from your toddler and thank him or her Then, give it back to him or her quickly This way, your toddler will learn that lending or sharing something means he or she will be able to get it back later
Here’s another activity Ask your toddler to help you hold 2 biscuits and tell him or her: “This one is for you, and this one is for me” Then, ask him or her to give you a biscuit If your toddler doesn’t want to give it to you, show him or her sad face and try to make your toddler understand that you are sad because he or she has two biscuits and you have none
When your toddler give it to you, thank him or her, be happy and excited
This way your toddler associates the acts of giving with happiness

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