While some ball games can be played inside the home, we suggest playing them outfoors in the park or garden, if possible.

Here's how you play this game:
* Sit yourself and your toddler on the ground facing each other, with legs apart
* Roll a ball between his or her legs
* Encourage your toddler to roll it back to you
* It may take several tries beofre your toddler gets the idea
* Be patient! keep on practising with your toddler and remember to make it fun
You can make this game more challenging by rolling the ball slightly out of your toddler's reach so that he or she has to crawl or walk to retrieve it
This game will help develop big muscle or 'big motor' skills before your toddler can proceed to develop 'fine motor' skills
For example, your toddler needs to roll a bal with his or her hands before he or she can grasp smaller objects with the fingers

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