Ready for Potty Training?

Although toddlers begin to show signs of physical readiness between 18 months and 3 years of age, it is also important that they are intellectually and psychologically ready before parents begin potty training them.

Signs of physical readiness can include:
* You are able to know when your toddler is about to urinate or have a bowel movement by his or her facial expressions, posture or by what he or she says
* Your toddler staying dry for at least 2 hours at a time
* Your toddler having regular bowel movements and you know which times of the day this normally occurs
Signs of intellectual and psychological readiness include when your toddler is:
* Able to follow simple instructions and being co-operative
* Uncomfortable with dirty diapers and wanting them to be changed
* Able to tell you when he or she needs to urinate or have a bowel movement
* Asking to use the potty chair
* Asking to wear regular shorts/pants 
Potty-training will not seem like a struggle or war between you and your toddler once he or she is physically, intellectually and psychologically ready for it

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