Me & My Pee Pee

Children are naturally curious about their bodies and we might find ourselves in an embarrassing moment when our child touches his or her genitals in front of others. A child might also do so when he or she wishes to urinate and is trying to hold his or her bladder.

Here are some tips to get your child to realize that he or she should not touch themselves on their genitals in public:
*  Tell your child that certain activities must be done in private Give examples such as bathing and going to the toilet
*  Teach your child that his or her genitals are ‘private’ areas Do not shame them or tease them
*  Come up with a hand signal or special word code to remind your child if he or she forgets himself or herself in public
*  When touching himself or herself in public ceases, do not call attention to it anymore However, if it persists, have a pediatrician check your child to ensure that he or she is not in some type of pain or discomfort in the genital area, for example, having a urinary tract infection or when the male child is not circumcised, a tight foreskin

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