Learning to Talk

Did you notice that toddlers tend to watch and concentrate when someone talks to them?

This is because toddler have a natural interest in human voices The sooner parents start talking to them the better they are at communication later on
Here's how you can help your toddler learn to talk:
* Try to talk frequently and directly
Spend as much time as possible talking to your toddler Give your toddler undivided attention, looking at his or her face and eyes when talking - if interrupted by someone such as a sibling, you are likely to be distracted and explain less to your toddler And your toddler may not get the meaning right So, set aside exclusive you-me only talk time with your toddler
* Try to match words with action and facial expression
For example, say: "Off with your diaper!" while removing it; OR "It's time for bed Good night!" while putting your toddler into the cot; "Who is this lovely baby!" while smiling and hugging him or her
It does not matter if your toddler does not understand the words What matters is that these words are cues uttered in a certain context, which when repeated will eventually help your toddler understand what they mean
* Express yourself freely
Express emotion in your face and voice when you talk to your toddler Show enthusiasm when story - telling or expressing your love for him or her This way, you can hold his or her attention while your toddler tries to figure out what you are saying
* Try not to tease
Teasing tends to confuse your toddler because your words do not match your actions or facial expressions For example, when hugging your toddler, you tease: "Who is this monster?" To your toddler, your face is saying: "Who is this darling?"
* Show that talking is a way of communication
When talking to someone or your toddler, allow to the other person or your toddler to respond If you chat away without waiting for a response or ignore them, your toddler will feel words are meaningless sounds
* Act as your toddler's interpreter
As it is easier for you to understand what your toddler says, you can help your toddler communicate when he or she interacts with his or her siblings and other grown-ups

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