I Can Feed Myself!

As you already know, your toddler loves to imitate whatever you do and sooner or later he or she will try to imitate how you eat. Your toddler is also learning to be independent and to do things for himself or herself.

Here a few things that will make feeding easier for your toddler:
* A child-size spoon
Although he or she will still use fingers to eat most of the time
* A durable plastic bowl
With sides to push fod up against and avoid spilling
* A durable plastic cup
One that is easy to pick up and grip with both hands A training cup with a lid is very helpful at this stage
Let your toddler eat in his or her own If you allow your toddler to look, feel, mash and smell to explore food in his or her own way, he or she will be more likely to accept it
Your toddler will create a mess but slowly over time, he or she will improve and be less messy You can help your toddler to learn faster by praising every small improvement and ignoring small mistakes
Whenever possible eat together with your toddler He or she needs to be included at the family table during mealtimes Make mealtime a pleasant experience, talk and pay attention to your toddler but don’t make him or her the center of attention
Try not to scold him or her for being slow to eat or messy This can be quality time with the rest of the family

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