How to survive a car ride with toddlers

Taking your children on a journey in the car can be a test of your patience. It is reported that children can only stand 12 minutes in the car before boredom sets in and they get restless. Whilst it is possible to keep their mind off boredom for short trips around town, it can be challenging when we have to take them on long journeys for visits to our hometown during festive seasons or on a holiday trip.

Here are some handy tips that will help your children cope with the boredom:
Story and sing-along CDs
    These are a great way to keep them busy listening to their favourite story or singing songs
Make up games
    Here are two games ‘I Spy’ is a game where you say ‘I spy with my little eye … something big and red’ and your child might pick out a red truck passing by
*  Engage them with conversation
   If you have siblings that are close in age, try to keep them occupied with conversations with you Engaging them with questions and answers on just about anything that comes into your head helps distract them from picking a fight with each other when they are bored
In addition, for longer trips, your child may not only be bored but might get physically sick (car sickness) due to the continuous motion of the moving cars It’s best to get them to sleep through most part of the journey Plan your journey so that it’s possible for you to make frequent stops along the way in order to allow them to stretch their legs, run off a bit of energy and also breathe in some fresh air If they know that the next stop is not too long away, this helps them from getting too restless and cranky

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