Making friends begins with learning how to play. You would have noticed that you toddler has become interested in other children. Your toddler wants to watch them, be with them and play with them.

Play can involve little fights and bouts to crying, so here are some suggestions on how to help them play well:
* The first ‘Hello’ 
Remember, toddler have a limited vocabulary and are not able to make sentences yet When a child shows interest in another, it is common for the child to prod or poke the other child Teach your toddler to say ‘Hello’ and a gentle gesture to signal ‘play with me’ or ‘ let’s share toys’ 
* Be close by 
He or she may keep running back to you every now and then for reassurance 
* Favorite toys vs ‘Play and Share toys’  
You would have noticed that your toddler has some favorite toys that he or she is very possessive about Keep the toys away when he or she is playing with other children
Have a set that he or she is comfortable sharing- preferably have more of the same toys for eg two or more of the same type cars or dolls 
* Bring along your toddler’s own toys when visiting friends  
Your toddler will feel more secure since these toys can be brought back home 

* Tired or hungry
Check that your toddler is not tired or hungry when he or she is with little friends Try to limit play sessions between 60 to 90 minutes or a period of time after which your normally notice a fight breaks out


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