Boosting Brain Power

It is never too soon to start boosting your baby's brain power.

Here are some fun ways:
1) Interact with your baby
Focus on two-way communication with your baby - provide the stimulus and watch the response And in turn respond to your baby Carry on with this in a consistent and positive way So, go onsmile, coo, touch, tickle, play, hug and watch your baby respond This helps to boost healthy brain development Believe it or not, rocking your baby gently is also a brain booster!
2) Touch & Massage
There's nothing like a gentle hug and cuddle Not only does it help make your baby feel safe and loved but also develop confidence and independence Massaging also helps It is known that premature babies massaged for 15 minutes thrice daily tend to gain weight, cry less and become more alert Why not give it a try?
3) Eye to Eye: I love you
Make eye contact with your baby whenever you are with him or her, for example - when feeding, playing or talking to your baby The visual part of his or her brain is rapidly developing during this time and he or she can recognize people around him or her as well as learn the meaning of different looks Looking into your baby's eyes is also a way to communicate your love to your baby and make him or her feel secure
4) Talk, talk and talk
This is another building block for school life later on Do you notice that when you talk to your baby, he or she actually listens to you intently? Speaking to your baby is a mental exercise that causes the baby's brain to change And what the baby hears helps in his or her ability to learn To help build better language skills, keep talking, preferably using adult words, expressed in a kind, animated and fun way!

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