Baby-proofing your home

Most babies are now little explorers, creeping or crawling their way around the house. So, you need to keep your young explorer safe.

Here's how:
*  Try to divide your home between baby zones and non-baby zones
    Separate them if you can with gates and other barricades
*  Non-baby zones includ the bathroom, laundry, kitchen, staircase,
    balcony and swimming pool
*  Install safety locks on windows and safety latches on cupboards
*  Install and secure gates at the top and bottom of stairs
*  In the baby zone, get down on your knees and crawl around
    Look around your home from your baby's vantage point
Here are some hazards at this level:
- sharp edged furniture - you can use corner cushions to make them safer
- electrical sockets - install socket guards on them
- electric cords and tools - stow them away
- coins, key, matches, ashtray & any other small items - stow them away
- medication, perfumes and other toiletries - keep them out of reach
- household cleaning products and hardware - stow them away
- plastic bags and wraps - stow them away
- pet food, pet litter and potted plants - best confirmed to non-baby zone
Now let your little explorer go

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