Alternatives to Television

Here are some alternatives to help keep your toddler safe and occupied while you attend to other tasks or take some much needed rest:

*   Let your toddler help
Toddlers love to imitate the people they love, so involve your toddler in your chores
Let him or her do thing at his or her level When folding cleaned laundry, let your toddler sort out his or her clothes When tidying the home, let your toddler keep his or her toys in the proper place This kind of involvement makes your toddler feel he or she is part of the family and also learn about responsibility 
*   Create a safe play area
You can place your toddler in a baby chair at the dining table or in a play pen close by and keep him or her occupied with coloring books and toys 
*   Create special activities for special times
For eg when you are in the kitchen, let your toddler pay with plastic utensils such as cups, plates and spoons or try the ‘Pouring Game’ featured below When you are trying to read the newspapers, let your toddler help you turn the pages and point out to him or her any colorful pictures Your toddler may also want to imitate you while you are reading and pretend that he or she too is reading his or her own books
*   Books & music
Put a stack of books with colorful pictures in your toddler's play area for him or her to flip through Looking at the pictures and even just turning the pages of the book are activities that your toddler enjoys This may also help develop your toddler's interest in reading Or you can let your toddler listen to children's music & songs or recorded children's stories on tape or CD
*   Help!
Seek out your spouse, friend or neighbour to take your toddler out to the park, store or just outside to play and get yourself a well-deserved rest!

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