Fun and easy ways to potty training tots

Fun and easy ways to potty training tots

Potty training does require a lot of patience and consistency to be a success It is a daunting task but with perseverance and proper guidelines, it can be done without much stress and mess The first thing to determine is whether your toddler is ready to begin the training Often readiness is seen on children as early as 18 months but full readiness is usually around 2 or 3 years of age

If your toddler can stay dry for at least 2 hours and has regular and predictable bowel movements, then your kid may be ready Your child must be physically and cognitively able to hold and control his urine and stool for training to be worthwhile Aside from the biological factor, your child is likely to get through the process smoothly if he is able to follow simple instructions and can express and understand words associated with toileting It will also be helpful if your child is able to go to the potty, pull down his diapers, sit on and get off the set by himself These signs include interest in wearing regular underwear and on the using the toilet

Timing also plays an important factor in the training as parents need to choose an appropriate time, when the family is not stressed over a certain situation such as a sick member or if frequent travelling is expected There should be a conscious effort and commitment for the process that is why it is best to start when the environment of the toddler is stable The summer and spring season is also a good time to start as children will be wearing less clothes, making it easier to reach the potty on time But you need not wait for the right season if you feel your child is ready

Accidents will happen and it is best not to dwell on it and reprimand the child tirelessly about it Consider it a part of the process that is why you need to prepare yourself as well, be more patient and muster up enough energy and time for the training Keep on encouraging your child to use the potty on time and properly Here are some tips to do just that

Make potty delightful Before you start, it is best to introduce the potty and make it something that your child need not be scared about If you plan on using a potty, perhaps give it as a gift wrapped up so your child can unwrap it and feel a sense of ownership You can let your child put on stickers to decorate it, to help them feel comfortable about using it Teach them how to wash their hands after using the potty perhaps grabbing a cartoon character soap dispenser that is exclusively for their use Aim to make using the potty or the toilet a nice experience for them so they would not avoid going there

Positive Reinforcement Always give praise when your child goes to the potty successfully to let them know how proud you are of them Rewards may work well for your child and motivates him to try and do the right thing in order to receive something special Use reward charts and agree on a prize when a certain number of using the potty has been achieved Make a wee wee worth one star and a poop two stars and 50 stars gets a prizeThis promotes consistency and self-esteem as your child works his way to the prize and sees what they have achieved so far Let them put on the stickers on the chart themselves for that added sense of pride Over time, going to the potty will become a habit and you can put the reward chart to the storage box

Target practice This works for boys who are ready to start peeing standing up Show him how to aim in the toilet by placing a target may it be cereals that are ring-shaped Give a reward when he is able to do just that and keep track of the progress

Use interactive media There are many potty stories you can read to your child to instill the importance of being independent in the toilet There are even games, songs and short TV clips of famous characters like Elmo from Sesame Street to motivate them The Internet is full of them so find one that you think will benefit your child There are also apps that you can download and work with as a motivational tool

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