Tips for a healthy pregnancy

Tips for a healthy pregnancy

Now that you are about to spend 9 months carrying and nourishing a growing child inside you, it is best to stop and think of how you can make sure your pregnancy goes by as smoothly as possible With the many changes happening in your body, it is very important that you take care of yourself to ensure that you are in top condition, not only for your own health but especially for the baby’s Here are some tips on how to have a worry-free and healthy pregnancy

Visit your Doctor Regularly

Upon confirmation of your pregnancy, it is best to see a doctor or your obgyne who can provide you with the vital information you need for this wonderful  journey A doctor will prescribe you the pre-natal vitamins you may need as well as direct you to any local groups or clinics to ensure that you are prepared for your birth

The standard visits is once a month for the first 6 months, then every two weeks for the 7th and 8th month and every week until the baby is born Your doctor is the best person to consult should you feel any discomfort or notice any abnormal changes in your body throughout the pregnancy It is also wise to inform you doctor of any medical history so proper precautions can be made and avoid any possible complications Avoid taking any herbal remedies over the counter  without consulting your doctor first Read up on any information booklet your doctor may send you and ask for any recommendations for further reading

Stop bad habits With your baby reliant on your body, it is important to avoid any harmful substance that may affect your baby’s growth Stop any bad habits including smoking, drinking and illegal drugs Stay away from places and people who may expose you to second hand smoke You must start to be conscious of what you put in your body or expose yourself to as it may have adverse effects on the baby inside you

Proper Nutrition

Keeping yourself  healthy should be the priority now that you are pregnant So start eating a well balanced diet and avoid any unhealthy food including fatty and sweet that are high in fat and sugar This is the time to avoid fast food joints and begin a healthier nutrition plan Watch out for what you drink too and avoid soda, caffeine drinks and flavoured drinks  A proper diet will reduce your risks to many complications during pregnancy including gestational diabetes

Eat lots of fiber to avoid constipation and nasty hemorrhoids which are common to pregnant women Prefer cereals for breakfast and whole grain breads for meals or snacks Always make sure you eat a sufficient amount of vegetable and fruits and if possible always pick the freshest bunch Also start incorporating food that are high in calcium and protein to help in your baby’s growth Drink milk and eat nuts and seeds

It is also good to read up on any potentially dangerous food that are likely to have microbes and can cause trouble This includes raw meat and undercooked eggs Avoid sushi for now as they may contain high levels of mercury Avoid cheese platters as well especially those kind that are not pasteurized like brie and feta

Exercise You should have been on a regular exercise prior to getting pregnant to prepare your body well But if not, then start slowly as exercise helps you avoid the pain and stress  associated with being pregnant  Walking regularly and gentle stretching will keep you from gaining much weight and rids your lower back and neck from any pain  Think of exercise as a training for that delivery date as labor last on average, 15 hours

Adequate amount of Sleep

There is no doubt carrying an extra weight with you for 9 months can be exhausting so it is vital that you get enough rest and sleep  Try your best to get at least 8 hours to allow your body to recuperate for he next day As your legs is in additional stress too, find time to put it up during break times to let blood circulate properly Take naps when you can And should you be having trouble getting a quality sleep, consult your doctor right away as this may cause unnecessary stress and fatigue for you and the baby

Be comfortable

Now is the best time to let loose and prioritize comfort Keep your feet happy with non-restricting shoes that will help avoid swelling in the ankles and feet Also avoid tight fitting clothes and pants There are numerous options available such as the belly band that will let you still use your trousers and jeans by merely extending the belt You may consider asking some of your friends for their maternity clothes as being comfortable is really important so you need not worry about anything else
So take these steps to a healthier pregnancy and you’ll enjoy the moments of your pregnancy much, much better Remember that a healthy mommy makes a healthy baby

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