Exercise while pregnant

Exercise while pregnant

Having a regular exercise regimen before pregnancy has been advised by many doctors for a healthy pregnancy And continuing to do so while pregnant provides many benefits which extends until after you have given birth and start the challenging task of caring for a new baby

But before you jump on the treadmill, consult your doctor first especially if you have not been regularly exercising prior to conception Some women may have underlying conditions that need to be addressed first and some pregnancies may be deemed delicate rendering exercising to increase the risk of complications So visit your doctor especially when you have had premature birth, expecting twins, have diabetes and pre-eclampsia and other muscle or joint problems

Among the benefits of engaging in exercise programs while pregnant include providing you with the energy and strong back muscles you need to cope with the growing baby, weight control and good posture You also tend to get a good sleep at night and experience less stress Exercise also prepares you well for the physical demands of labor and lets you recover quickly after

Keep in mind that the exercise you may be doing prior to getting pregnant must be altered and adjusted now that you are with child to prevent any further injuries and stress to you and your baby Often a 30 minute moderate exercise routine is recommended during the first two trimesters and limiting it to three times a week when you reach the third trimester

Look at your local community gym for specialised programs for pregnant women Common exercises that are considered safe include walking, jogging and even cycling Although doctors advise to avoid cycling at the road after the second trimester to avoid the possibility of falling off You can opt for exercise bike indoors Exercises to avoid include obviously anything that requires contact or may knock you over or throw you off balance such as skiing, horse-riding, gymnastics and water skiing Avoid risky sports such as football and tennis as the balls may hit your tummy Avoid diving too

The focus of exercises during pregnancy is most often the core and the pelvic area muscles, which needs to be strengthened to help you throughout the nine months and especially during childbirth While pregnant, hormones released by your body compels your pelvic floor muscles to stretch which lessens the support for your bladder, uterus and bowel that is That is why helping these muscles gain more strength will be good for you

As you gain weight and the baby grows in your belly, exercises that require balance may not be a good idea so start exploring other options such as walking, swimming, supervised yoga and pilates Also give extra care at this time to the muscles around your ankles, knees and shoulders as they become loose as well during pregnancy because they become stretched like the pelvic floor muscles because of the hormone relaxin Joints become less stable at this stage so try your best to avoid sprains when exercising

Always listen to your body and avoid exercising to the point of exhaustion Do not force yourself to work out when you are sick A good indicator that you are at the right pace is when you are still able to  converse properly while exercising Remember to avoid overheating when doing your exercises so do not work out under extreme heat and keep away from saunas and spas for now When you feel dizzy, got a headache and feel your heart palpitating, notice any vaginal bleeding and cramping, then stop immediately and go see a doctor

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