Bathing fragile babies

Bathing fragile babies

Handling a newborn baby can be a daunting task Babies this young look so fragile that utmost care must be given when dressing, handling and bathing  But babies are more resilient than they appear And often a proper preparation and self-educationcan help ease the stress and fear of handling babies, especially when it comesto bath time A dose of confidence, patience and calm demeanor are vital when tackling this basic task of caring for a baby You have to start by making surethat bath time becomes a fun, relaxing and enjoyable activity for the baby and not something to be scared and stressed about Learning a few tips on how to best manage bath time properly and safely can turn the experience into something worth looking forward to, both for you and your newborn

When to start Newborns of up to two weeks do not require an actual bath A top to toe bath using a soft sponge will suffice and is gentle enough for the newborn’s ultra fragile skin The best signal to start a bath is when the umbilical stump falls off and the surrounding area are fully healed and dried Giving daily baths are not necessary as the baby rarely gets messy anyway

Where to give baby a bath With the small size of babies, you are free to find a suitable area that would be convenient and easy for you and the baby to navigate the bathing process Babies are slippery and wiggly once wet and soapy so, best to avoid getting in the shower with a newborn until they are big enough for you to have a better grip Kitchen sinks and counter tops are popular places to put on cheap baby tubs where you put your baby in for the bath Grab a no-slip mat to place under the tub to avoid the tub from slipping

Prepare items in advance Making sure all the items you need is within reach and the bath place is set up properly is a good way to avoid any stress during bath time Remember that you must keep a calm disposition throughout so your baby feels secure too And having everything you need handy will ensure a smooth and easy bath time So take out your bath supplies,  including sponge and bathsoap Make sure the products you have and are about to use are made for baby’s sensitive skin Then arrange the things you need after bath which include a new diaper, cream and fresh clothes Do not forget the towel and lay it out prior to bathing nearby, so you need not wriggle it out later on while holding a wetbaby Fill up your tub  with up to threeinches high of water so as not to overwhelm the baby when you lay them down Make sure the water is of the right temperature about 30 degrees Celsius When using a baby seat,  be sure it is set upproperly and you have read the manual and know how to use it

Keep safety in mind Always double check the temperature of the water before starting bathing Never leave the baby  alone, no matter what as accidents may happen So let the phone ring and the person knocking on the door wait it out If you must go, wrap the baby in a towel and take him with you That is why it is best to prepare your bathing items in advance so you need not run to the other room to grab something you forgot

Basic Bathing Method  Undress the baby when you are ready to start the bathing process to avoid them getting chills Then put your baby feet first on the tub while keeping support on their neck , head and back with your handThen wash them from top to bottom with a soapy cloth or very soft sponge to prevent abrasions to the skin You can opt to wash the hair last, starting with the face instead Try your best not to get any soap on baby’s eyes, ears and nose Make sure you clean behind the ears as milk often collects there But do not clean inside the ears as infection may result Clean their genitals thoroughly Then give them a proper rinse of clean water to avoid any soap residue by pouring small amounts of water with a cup Then wrap the baby in a towel and pat gently to dry

Some parents do bathing time with a soothing music playing in the background to keep the baby relaxed and less likely to move about Ifyour baby becomes fussy and cry, try to do your next bath session somewhere that is warmer

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