Caring and Pampering for Newborns

Caring and Pampering for Newborns

The initial happiness of having an adorable baby to take home is often clouded by worries and fears of how exactly to take care of this bundle of joy without any nurse around to help you Chances are however, you’ll have your family and friends to give you advice and support and teach you the nitty gritty of caring for a newborn If you still don’t feel confident that you can do it, then read up on the basics of baby care

Clothing With babies being fragile and all there is no doubt you’ll feel a bit apprehensive moving those tiny arms and legs as you dress baby up That is why it is important that aside from choosing clothes that are less likely to irritate baby’s skin, you must also be keen on the mechanics of baby suits100% cotton is highly recommended as wool and acrylic tend to irritate baby’s sensitive skin Pick those that have fasteners at the front and at the leg to make changing diapers a snap

Also keep in mind that a baby cannot regulate its body temperature so it is wise to dress baby up in layers as need be Many people suggests putting on one layer of clothing more than what an adult is wearing at that time or place Loose blankets may pose a safety hazard so swaddling baby may be a better idea to keep baby warm and cozy for the evening

Changing Diapers I am sure you are most looking forward to this task or perhaps have kindly let the spouse perform this special duty Either way you need to learn this skill  as you would eventually need to do it a couple of times everyday and night So the faster you learn the proper procedure, the lesser the stress on you and baby

Depending on your preference, you may opt to use disposable diapers or cloth diapers Each has its own advantage and disadvantage But changing them requires the same care and preparation to avoid nasty diaper rash which can make baby irritated and crying for a long time

10 nappy changes is what you can expect from caring for a newborn as you need to change quickly as soon the baby poops Poo tends to burn baby’s skin as it has acids and must therefore avoid prolonged contact Clean the baby’s genitals with wet cotton or baby wipes and do this softly and avoid rubbing the skin Look for any skin irritations that you may need to bring up with your doctor if there is any sign of concern Pat dry and apply diaper rash cream as this will serve as a protective shield for the skin against the irritants in urine and poo Do these steps every diaper change and baby will feel fresh and clean afterwards and may just give you a smile

Cleaning Babies need to be  bathed daily and once or twice a week is a good frequency You can always wash baby’s face and bottom as need be with a soft washcloth to give baby that fresh  feeling every morning as much as you wash your face when you wake up If your baby is having trouble sleeping at night, an evening bath using aromatherapy is suggested to calm baby down There are baby bubble baths made for this that you can grab at the shopsYou can cap the bath with baby massage to further release any tension baby may have

Put extra attention to a newborn’s belly button ensuring it is always clean and dry to encourage the healing process Check if  baby’s nail may need clipping and do so with a proper nail cutter designed for infants and remember to just clip across and there is no need to round the edges as this may result to ingrown toenails
Follow these basic guides to make baby feel clean, comfortable and loved

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