Overcoming morning sickness

Morning sickness affects almost half of pregnant women.

Morning sickness affects almost half of pregnant womenSymptoms include nausea and vomiting Women often experience it early in the daythus the term, yet it can be varied with other women displaying the symptom seven at night
The cause of morning sickness cannot be attributed to a single cause but nausea during pregnancy is likely to be a result of the increased quantity of human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) This hormone decreases as the placenta is fully functioning which is around the 12-14 weeks and which is about the same timethat morning sickness disappears in most women
Although the vomiting and retching may cause pain and soreness, the action itself does not harm the baby who is safely inside the sacof amniotic fluid But severe morning sickness wherein the woman begins to lose weight for not keeping down food at all and gets dehydrated may need to beconsulted with a doctor right away
Despite morning sickness being regarded as normal during pregnancy, the condition is annoying and can cause disruptions to the pregnantwomen’s life at work and at home It is a common cause of stress and anxietytherefore it is prudent to find ways to deal with it as soon as the symptoms are noticed
The first thing that needs to be determined is the triggerThis could be most likely a certain kind of scent or a type of food Duringpregnancy, the estrogen level is high and this is the hormone  which puts your smell radar into overdrive That is why smells that normally does not affect you suddenly becomes unbearable
So be observant on the time and place of when you start to feel queasy  It may be the time when you open your spice cabinet Or the time when dinner is being prepared and cookedOr it could be a co-worker’s perfume It will be easier to avoid the culprit of your nausea once you have identified it Otherwise you can always carry a spray of lemon extract to sniff at should you start to feel queasy
Keep yourself hydrated as you get more nauseous when yourbody has not enough liquid Also try to eat a little every so often to keepyour tummy a little full  throughout theday As an empty stomach also triggers nausea Figure out which type of foodyou can manage to keep down Fatty and spicy foods are noted to cause vomitingso try to stay away from them Some women swear that snacking on bland crackersand pretzels keeps them safe from morning sickness
Take a rest Avoid exhausting yourself from work or domesticchores and find techniques to keep you relaxed and stress-free As the symptomsof morning sickness tend to worsen when the body is tired Lie down when youfeel you need to or take a nap at the middle of the day And be reminded toalways get up slowly from a lying position and do not lie down immediately aftereating as this triggers nausea and even heartburn
You can also try to use the power of ginger which is deemedto soothe the tummy Drink ginger tea, nibble on ginger lollies or put it onthe next soup you make
If your morning sickness persists and becomes tooproblematic, see your doctor as there are available medications to stop thesymptoms

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